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Child Counselor

Find answers with psychological testing

If your son or daughter has been struggling in school due to inattentiveness or hyperactivity, he or she may be suffering from ADD or ADHD. Our clinicians can perform psychological testing on your child, to determine if an ADD or ADHD diagnosis is appropriate.


If it's determined that your son or daughter has ADD or ADHD, we can discuss prescribing medication to improve his or her inattentiveness or hyperactivity. We can also offer counseling services, to complement any medication prescribed. Let us know if you'd like to learn more!

Special education services

A child with an ADD or ADHD diagnosis may be eligible for special education services in school, to help him or her be academically successful with ADD or ADHD. Being included in the special education program can be beneficial, the school can accommodate your child's diagnosis, with things like increased test-taking time or preferential seating to promote on-task behaviors.

Learn about adult ADD or ADHD

While childhood ADD or ADHD certainly gets a good deal of attention, adults can be diagnosed with ADD or ADHD as well. If you're an adult who feels that ADD or ADHD might be hindering your work performance or personal relationships, come see us. We accept workplace EAP programs, as well as insurance, in order to better accommodate you.